Payment Options

More than one way to pay your rent

Payment Options

More than one way to pay your rent

Making Your Storage Unit Choice Is Easy

Renting your storage unit online with Choice Storage is as easy as possible!

Pick Your Self Storage Location

Select from multiple self storage facilities to find a storage unit near you.

Determine Your Storage Unit Needs

Storage units come in multiple sizes. Use our size guide to find the right one for you.

Rent Your Storage Unit Online

Renting your storage unit is a breeze. Complete the process at your convenience entirely online.

Finish Paperwork

Review and sign the lease then email us with a copy of your driver’s license to our facility email address.

Payment Options

We take the following payments: We accept credit or debit cards with Master Card or Visa Card. We are happy to offer you’re the following options for payment:

  • Online on our website (set up autopay or make a one-time payment) – always easy and free
  • One-time phone payment via a 24-hour automated system on a credit or debit card (free). ACH payment is not possible on this system.
  • One-time home payment via a live agent on a credit or debit card ($6 convenience fee)
  • Set up for autopay via phone, please email our facility or leave a voice recording for our facility manager and we will reach out to you. Note our call center cannot assist in setting up autopay.

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